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Lime rendering offers a number of advantages when applying it to your external walls. At JC Plastering and Lime, our range of lime-based rendering services give all of our customers the opportunity to enjoy the unique qualities and benefits of lime and what it can do for any buildings. For renovations on newer buildings and developments, lime rendering offers high levels of quality, durability and flexibility.

Traditional Use Of Lime Render

Lime has been used in mortars and various rendering projects throughout thousands of years. In modern society, the use of cement dominates the building industry, as it can be seen as a stronger, yet cheap material. Mortars and renders made by just cement however, tend to be unusually hard, impermeable and brittle, which can lead to various issues such as cracking, water penetration (causing dampness) and poor durability/quality. Traditionally, lime renders have significant benefits over the use of cement – the main benefit being that of it retaining water, causing less dampness in a property. This is why, lime mortars and renders are slowly becoming more popular in the building industry. Building companies like us who prioritise the use of lime in their projects are the reason why it is becoming more popular, as we are showing off the many benefits lime can have.

What are the benefits of using lime in rendering projects?

  1. Less cracking and more movement. By incorporating lime into any building, it is able to withstand minor movements which may occur. These movements can cause a material like cement to develop large cracks and ‘de-bond’ from the building. However, hydrated lime repairs itself naturally, also known as ‘autogenous healing’ – allowing it to withstand movements in the structure.
  2. Workability and water retention. As previously mentioned, lime is able to retain water better than any hard material (such as cement), therefore reducing the risk of dampness and mould in the property. The improvement of workability and plasticity makes the material easier to handle, making it more convenient for the customer.
  3. Aesthetics. Due to the increased popularity of lime, along with its ecological benefits, it offers a certain look or aesthetic to any property which uses it. Along with this, lime can be used as a way to ‘revive’ older structures, appealing to a much wider target audience who want to revamp their older property.
  4. Moisture movement and durability. Due to the absence of cracking and the improved quality of using lime, there is a reduced risk of water ingress. This helps moisture dissipate, allowing any lime structure to ‘breathe’ properly, therefore reducing the risk of frost or weather damage. All of these factors of course, contribute to the high durability which lime can offer.

These advantages benefit both the external and internal walls of a property, which is why lime is slowly increasing in popularity. For more information on our lime rendering services (whether internal or external), please take a tour of our website – where you can find both our services and customer reviews and photos! Alternatively, get in contact with us today.

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