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Lime mortar is classed as one of the worlds oldest and most durable building materials. One great example of a classic lime structure is that of the Great Wall of China – where many sections of it were built around 518-618 AD. Consisting of lime, sand and small stones between broad frames, it has lasted around 2000 years. In modern times, lime is used for the maintenance and repair of historic and traditional buildings. The ecological and environmental benefits and qualities of using lime in modern buildings is becoming increasingly more desirable and becoming the centre benefit for eco-focused building projects. Compared to more modern rendering methods, using lime mortar and putty is certainly more ecological, durable and environmentally friendly.

The main benefits of using lime:

  1. Lime can stabilise the internal environment of a building. Because lime mortars and plasters are open-textured, moisture through any structure will automatically absorbed. Therefore, stabilising the humidity within the building and reducing mould growth. This will also make for a more comfortable living environment, as it reduces the risk of excessive damp that could result in raspatory issues if breathed in.
  2. It is a highly breathable building material. This allows for water to pass through the building, therefore avoiding a build up of moisture. As previously mentioned in point 1, damp can cause mould to grow and cause respiratory problems in the future, which is why it is so important to avoid.
  3. It is one of the worlds leading ecological and environmentally friendly building material. The carbon footprint of lime production is considered carbon neutral for a number of reasons including that of it being a raw material and uses less energy to produce. Lime mortar production is said to be sustainable, as it uses no pesticides which will cause any damage to air quality, water supply or land.
  4. It is becoming aesthetic building choice. Lime is one of the most beautiful of building materials and can be said to transform even the plainest of buildings into something beautiful. It is used extensively in historic buildings and provides a natural and traditional look to buildings, which is why it is so popular among modern architects.
  5. Finally, lime mortar provides a protective shield against almost all-weather forms including frost and water movements. This is due to the lack of cracking and breathable material. Therefore, reducing the risk of water and mould ingress.

Lime Mortar Is Breathable

To compare to modern methods, the building material of cement is used. Cement is a hard, brittle material which can considered harder than soft brick. This therefore can result in cracking. When cement mortar cracks, it allows water to seep into the cracks. Due to cement being such a hard material, this moisture is unable to evaporate, which results in dampness inside the building. This is why lime mortar methods are preferred in modern buildings.

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