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Experienced Decorators In Devon

If you are looking to redecorate your home – either internally or externally, us at JC Plastering and Lime are the right company for the job. Our team consists of fully qualified and experienced decorators, and we understand the level of importance it takes to get high-level paintwork and craftsmanship. We have experience in working for a variety of cliental, with an exceptional portfolio of projects, in all decorating types.

Our decorating services cover residential and external properties. Our expert team of decorators pay close attention to the specific features in your property, such as staircases, plug sockets, windows, etc. to ensure we deliver an exceptional finish. We make sure that the exterior of your property not only looks great, but can also protect your property from weather systems.

Exterior decorating services:

Lime Wash Paint – This is a type of traditional paint which we offer to all of our clients. As mentioned on our website, it is produced by crushing and burning segments of limestone, which is then left to mature for several months (to enable a thinning process). Once completed, the lime putty can be used to be mixed with various colours to give a matte finish on properties. This type of paint offers our customers a traditional and breathable finish.

Silicate Mineral paint – Along with lime wash paint, this type of paint is breathable on the exterior of a building. In addition to this, it can provide substantial protection from acid rain, acid proof and water protection. Once dried, Silicate mineral paint has dried, the building is exposed to UV rays, however the colour will not fade, along with the benefits against water and acid.

Internal decorating services:

Earth Born Paint – This type of paint was originally designed for the exterior of a property; however, it can be used internally. Earth born paint is extremely breathable, which allows moisture to pass through or evaporate. Along with this, the paint is waterproof, weatherproof and extremely durable. This type of paint is used mainly on mineral surfaces (e.g. plaster, stone, pebble dash, concrete, etc).

We provide a wide range of interior paints, however the paint you desire relies on the desired finish and function. For example, lime wash is a traditional paint, which is used mainly in old cottages and farmhouses. Also, clay paint offers a level of durability, with a better appearance and matte finish. Breathable emulsions are available in a wide range of colours, to provide a familiar finish in your home.

Interior decorating is known as the ‘art of decorating a residential home according to personal preferences and style’. This is why, at JC Plastering and Lime, we understand that a top-quality finish is vital, as its your home! From start to finish, we ensure that all of your specific needs and preferences are met, so you are fully satisfied with all work being carried out. For more in depth information on our decorating services, click our ‘decorating’ page on our website – or take a look at our other blogs!

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