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Here at JC Plastering and Lime, we offer a number of services in building renovation – including that of restoration. The process of restoration is turning a structure into its old, former state, while still keeping the building intact and protecting the original structure. Restoration is typically used for older buildings and houses. At JC Plastering and Lime, our experienced plasterers offer heritage restoration for those traditional, older buildings. Our sustainable methods use traditional craftsmanship and techniques to help restore and build homes back to their original structure.

Historically, preserving older buildings has a certain knowledge and understanding surrounding the specific materials and techniques used. Whether this may be damp proofing, bird foul removable or stabilisation, you can rely on JC Plastering and Lime to upkeep the respects and heritage value of the structure throughout their jobs.

What is the importance of historic preservation and restoration?

At JC Plastering and Lime, we understand the importance of preserving traditional heritage structures for years to come. Historical building restoration is undeniably one of the most delicate and rewarding process within the construction industry. Historical building preservation and restoration is vital in upholding the country’s past and long detailed history. These buildings are a visual representation of our rich history, also providing an education to the country’s young, in terms of the lessons we can learn from these buildings.

Here are 6 reasons why preserving historical buildings are important.

  1. Historical value – previously touched on, the old buildings in Britain signify our history, giving both a historical and educational value.
  2. Cultural significance – old buildings are a visual reminder of an area’s cultural heritage and the different people which once played a role in establishing what the country is today.
  3. Architectural importance – one crucial benefit of restoring old buildings is the amazing architecture in which it holds, and how we can incorporate modern designs into it. Even by creating a rustic-modern vibe in a building, it can reveal a buildings true character.
  4. Increases tourism – historic buildings attract people from all over the world, to learn about either the historical context or to just look at the distinctive architecture it holds. This in turn, provides jobs and helps to revitalise communities.
  5. Boosts local business – adding to the last point, many different businesses can benefit from an old building being restored. This can be from construction workers, all the way to café owners.
  6. Last chance to preserve the country’s past – if historical restoration was not a construction method, we would lose all of the vital architectural and historical qualities which make our country. Everyday, more buildings are added to the ‘listed buildings register’, which means that they cannot be destroyed, only restored.

At JC Plastering and Lime, we are firm believers in restoring and preserving our country’s past, while also incorporating some of our lime plastering methods into the process. Not only are we allowing for the importance of historical buildings being put back into society, but also adding the benefits of using lime putty in construction. To find out more about the benefits of lime, and the restoration services we provide, take a look at our website today.

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