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At JC Plastering and Lime, one of the many services we provide is that of renovation and restoration of the home. Although the services are closely related, renovation and restoration have many differences. When renovating a building, it involves the process of upgrading and restyling, whereas restoration brings a property back to its original look and style.

Every successful home renovation and restoration process starts with an expert plan. This should include each stage and information needed throughout the process, which allows the process to be completed safely, smoothly and to the satisfaction of the customer. Before any of these processes are started however, it is important to consider a few things to ensure renovating or restoring is the best option to go with. These considerations include:

  1. Location of the property.
  2. Selling prices of other local properties.
  3. Repairs which may cost a lot to fix (e.g. roof damages, window damages, etc.)
  4. Neighbouring properties.
  5. Extension rights? Is there room to extend the property?
  6. Heating and electric systems in the property.
  7. Does the property need extensive remodelling?

The main benefits of each process will now be looked into to establish the reasons behind renovation and restoration, and why JC Plastering and Lime is perfect for the job.

Why renovate?

  • It can add value to your property – whether you’re choosing to add an extra room or upgrade your kitchen space, a modern looking property can significantly increase the value of your property.
  • Cheaper – in most cases, renovating your home can be cheaper than buying a new home. Therefore, reducing the stress of moving and adding some upgrades to your original property.
  • Potential investments – a renovated and modern property can open your property up to a larger proportion of rent prices.

Why restore?

  • Vintage and original styles – restoring a property back to its original brickwork and look can add an antique vibe to the building, which can appeal to a more unique and niche part of the property market.
  • Provides opportunity for upgrades – restoring a property to its original look can open up inspiration and opportunity to renovate and upgrade anything in the property which may need doing.
  • Increase value of the property – original property features such as beams and old brickwork can add significant value onto a property and can appeal to the market a lot more than modern homes.

We offer a number of services in renovating and restoring homes:

  1. Sandstone and Slate flooring.
  2. Limecrete flooring.
  3. Natural breathable insulation – including wood fibre roof installation and Eco-cork insulation render.
  4. Cork board EWI.
  5. Wood Fibre EWI.
  6. Cob building and restoration.

All of the information and process behind all of these services are provided on our website. Simply click on our ‘services’ tab, then click ‘renovation and restoration’ and all of the information you may need will be there. Alternatively, you can contact us today for any other information you desire.

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