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Two of the many services we offer at JC Plastering & Lime are Plastering and Putty Rendering. For the plastering service, we use lime putty heritage plaster that can be applied over both lath and masonry backgrounds. We offer two coats of lime plaster and once those two coats are fully dried and cured, we apply a third coat of a fine lime skim to finish. The use of lime putty heritage plaster achieves a breathable finish for the building. During the curation process for the lime putty, CO2 is absorbed by the lime plaster allowing it to slowly dry, therefore this can be a long process. However, this process should not be forced to dry quicker as it can interrupt the curation process leaving the final finish disrupted. Lime plaster is also waterproof, weather proof and acid rain proof.

Traditional Lime Putty Rendering

We also offer traditional lime putty rendering and breathable lime putty rendering. Our traditional lime putty rendering is for buildings with older bricks or older stone work. This service also consists of a three-coat system. The first two coats are applied and when fully cured, a final float coat is applied to achieve a fine finish. The curation process also consists of the absorption of CO2. The longer the coats are left to dry, the better the outcome will be as the putty improves with age. Traditional lime putty rendering is waterproof, weather proof and acid rain proof.

Breathable Lime Putty Rendering

Breathable lime putty rendering allows the building structure to breathe and absorb or evaporate the moisture passing through it. The passing and evaporation of the moisture helps reduce issues such as dampness or moulding on the walls. This type of putty is a better option for a traditionally built building as it can accommodate better to natural movement from below. Due to the slow rate of drying, the mixture is very easy to work with meaning the work does not have to be rushed. Once the lime putty rendering is finished, it is cured by the absorption of CO2, the longer it is left to dry, the better the outcome will be. We advise these services for older structures as the putty is much softer on an older brick than cement containing mortar. Breathable lime putty rendering is waterproof, weather proof and acid rain proof.

What is Lime Putty and how is it made?

Traditional lime putty is a mixture made of sand, water and lime that is non-hydraulic hydrated lime with specific measurements to reach the required consistency. Lime plaster is when the lime putty is used as a binding material.

We have done previous work in Monkleigh, Langtree, Stibbs Cross, Bideford, Braunton, Groyde, Woolacombe, Muddiford, Goodleigh, Lynton, Shebbear, Filleigh, Dulverton and Petrockstow. To view our previous work, you can go onto our website and click on the service page. To also view further information about plastering and lime putty rendering, visit our page, head to the service page, and click on the service you would like to read more about.