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Here at JC plastering & Lime, we offer renovation services, along with restoration services to help you improve the appearance of your home. Renovation is known as the process of updating or improving the quality of the exterior/interior of a building. This drastically improves the appearance of a home, by ‘bringing it back to life’. Restoration focuses more on the buildings older materials, by protecting the original materials of a building, which can therefore improve the overall value of the building. We offer a number of services, which will later on be explained, and all of these services have added the relevant qualities to improve our reputation in the plastering industry.

Also stated on our website is the list of the renovation and restoration services we can provide. A detailed description of the restoration and renovation services we provide is in our ‘services’ tab – go check it out! These services will now be explained.

  • Sandstone and Slate flooring: This can enhance the flooring appearance, along with making your flooring far more valuable.
  • Limecrete floors: This is mainly used in older structures; it involves the resolution of older design problems in a building. Also, it can significantly improve the energy efficiency in a home.
  • Wood fibre roof insulation: This is a widely known renewable source of energy. The wood – which is recyclable – makes the home a highly insulated building.
  • Eco-cork insulation render: Eco-Cork is a super lightweight and sustainable building products which insulates your home and improves energy efficiency significantly.
  • Cork Board EWI: This is made entirely up from natural and renewable cork, which can provide excellent thermal insulation. This is a highly suitable material used for insulation in external roofs.
  • Wood Fibre EWI: Wood Fibre insulation boards can contribute to significant sound reduction and can also allow significant insulation in the home. It is a highly breathable material, which can also decrease the chance of dampness.
  • Cob building and restoration: A Cob building has may benefits to it. Firstly, it has thick walls, which can give you a lot of thermal insulation. Secondly, cob buildings tend to last a long time (100+ years!), which can make you feel at ease. Finally, it is a very affordable material to use when restoring your home.

All of these different services vary in the appearance it can leave your property or building in, along with the differences in thermal insulation. However, all of them can contribute to the vast improvement of the appearance of the property.

Renovation and Restoration of a property is one of the many services which we are highly specialised in. We understand the specific needs and wants of what it takes to renovate or restore a building or property, therefore making us highly knowledgeable and experienced in doing so. Renovating or restoring your property with us can increase the value of the property by a vast amount, so get in contact with us today about your renovation or restoration ideas!

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