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As a company, us at JC Plastering and lime have built up a pristine reputation in North Devon for our expert plastering services. We offer a unique plastering service, which involves the use of traditional lime putty, which achieves a wonderful breathable finish to your surfaces.

Throughout the years, the promotion of a new ‘gypsum-based’ plasters has led to the decrease of lime putty plastering. This new method of plastering is used in more modern buildings, and with workers who lack the required qualifications to use lime in their plastering process. As a company, we have employees with the correct set of skills and experience to use the plastering process involving lime putty, to give you the best long-term benefits possible. The use of lime putty in plastering can be a lengthy process, which is why gypsum-based plastering is now becoming popular, as it is quicker, easier and cheaper compared to the use of lime. However, in the long term, lime-based plastering can decrease the likeliness of damp, as it locks in moisture which is being built up.

In North Devon, we offer two main plastering services. From breathable lime plastering to a simple refurbishment lime finish, we can offer the best possible service which is required from you. These 2 services will now be explored in more detail.

Refurbishment lime finish

This service is offered to those looking to refurbishing listed buildings. This can be used to either replace existing lime-based plaster, or as part as a new plastering system, in either a traditional or modern building. Also, this plastering technique can be used as a solution for flood damage, either as a repair or as a prevention. The benefits of this type of plaster are –

  1. It is breathable, offering a long-term solution for dampness and mould.
  2. It can prevent corrosion of metal fixtures.
  3. It is extremely lightweight, compared to traditional cement plaster.
  4. Insulating factors.
  5. Fast drying.

This type of plastering service we offer can be used to achieve a uniform finish on variable suction backgrounds and is perfect for small refurbishment jobs.

Breathable lime plastering

Our breathable lime plastering service offers a two-coat process of lime putty, which we apply over existing lime plaster or render. This provides you with a fine, breathable finish. The main benefit of having a breathable finish is the prevention of moisture building up, therefore the prevention of dampness or mould in your property.

The process involves a fine lime skim finish coat, which is applied when all backing coats are fully dried and cured. This breathable lime plastering service can be applied to both lath and masonry backgrounds. The only disadvantage of this service is that it can be deemed lengthy and time consuming. However, this all depends on the environmental factors of the structure. Also, the long-term benefits of using this method are significant, as mould and damp are non-existent from using breathable lime plastering.

For more information about our plastering services, get in contact with us today, you can find all of the necessary details on our website. Also, for any inspirational pictures of our work, feel free to click our ‘plastering services’ tab on our website!

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