Here at J C Plastering & Lime we aim to advise you in taking the right service for your property’s needs and to deliver the highest quality service to meet your desired outcome. One of these services we offer is Lime Putty Rendering is used for traditionally build stone or brick buildings. With years of experience at J C Plastering & Lime, we offer a three-coat system of two backing coats and a final float coat once the two first layers have fully dried and cured. The curation process consists of carbonation within the air, also meaning it improves with age. This process also ensures for lime putty to be very durable. The lime putty is applied to the external surface of the building which can be from the inside of the building or the outside. The main ingredient is aggregate as it ensures the strength and durability of the mix.


Choosing traditional lime putty over cement mortars holds multiple benefits. The lime mixture allows the structure of the building to breathe while also being able to absorb and evaporate moisture that helps reduce the problems of dampness and condensation creating a healthy environment. As lime putty tends to be softer than cement mortars, it is more flexible to work with as it dries at a slower rate and can better accommodate to movement.

For the best outcome, the longer the curation process is, and the better the control of drying and suction, the better the outcome is from lime putty rendering. Lime putty is much more workable than cement-containing mortars as it hardens at a much slower rate. Cement is too hard to work with older bricks in a traditional building.