Renovation & Restoration


At J C Plastering & Lime we also offer renovation and restoration services. When renovating a place, this is the process of improving the quality or updating the interior or exterior of a building or a house to make it appear like new or brining something back to life.

Restoration focuses on the retention of materials and returning the building to its former state. Restoration is typically used for historic buildings or traditionally build houses or buildings. This process is done to ensure the protection of the value of the building.

At J C Plastering & Lime, we offer heritage restoration for more traditional and older built homes and buildings. Our sustainable and traditional builders and plasters use traditional craftsmanship and techniques to build and restore homes. We offer multiple services:

  • Sandstone & Slate flooring: Sandstones are formed by sand being heavily compressed making them durable enough to last for years. The main ingredients for sandstone are quartz and feldspar. When maintaining sandstone flooring, tiles must be properly sealed to avoid as much liquid ingress. Floor cleaners with strong chemicals should be avoided as this will wear the sealing away quicker.
  • Limecrete floors: For an older built structure, limecrete is used to resolve design problems and has a great ability to deal with the natural moisture below the flooring. A DPM is installed to stop the moisture rising from below the flooring if it is placed directly on the earth. A GEOCELL will be placed down for further protection and stabilisation, then the limecrete is placed on top of that.
  • Natural breathable insulation:

Wood fibre roof insulation – Wood fibre insulation provides multiple functions. It is robust and flexible insulation for roofs but can also insulate floors. The fibre wood is recyclable, locks in carbon and is free from harmful chemicals that could also potentially start fires. As a result, ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Wood fibre is water resistant and a breathable material allowing it to be able to render with a breathable render.

Ecocork insulation render – Ecocork is a mixture of natural cork, aggregates, sands, and natural hydraulic lime (NHL). Ecocork insulation render is cement free making it much lighter than cement reducing the weight on the structure. It provides thermal insulation, is great at absorbing extreme forces, provides acoustic insulation, great for protection against residual moisture.

  • Cork board EWI
    Cork boards are suitable for external and internal insulation. Cork is 100% natural material that does not contain any harmful chemicals. Cork board insulation gives maximum thermal insulation and benefits from acoustic protection allowing more privacy.
    The installation of cork boards EWI uses the installation of ISOVIT CORK system alongside ISOVIT E-CORK. A REABILITA CAL AC is used to finish off the cork board EWI allowing it to be a breathable insulation system.
  • Wood fibre EWI
    Wood fibre boards are applied to the external walls of a house or building. Once these are installed on the walls, lime plaster is applied on top with reinforcing mesh to prevent cracking in the wood fibre and to provide further protection and stability.
    Wood fibre is a breathable material that is also waterproof and windproof. This type of insulation provides warmth insulation in the winter stopping heat escaping from the walls whilst in summer it prevents overheating.
  • Cob building & Restoration
    Cob building is used to build walls, homes, or buildings. Cracks or damages are repaired in the wall by using cob bricks or cob blocks. Once a cob repair has been done, it can also be rendered with lime for further durability and protection.