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At JC Plastering and Lime, we take pride in the number of plastering projects we take on – whether they are small or large projects. The two plastering services we provide are:

  1. Breathable lime plaster
  2. Refurbishment lime finish

The breathable lime plastering service is that of a two-coat lime putty fine plaster. This is applied over existing lime plaster and render, which will achieve a fine, breathable finish. However, our refurbishment lime finish is designed for refurbishing listed buildings. It is utilised to achieve a uniform finish, which can make a listed building come back to life.

We are passionate about taking on any kind of projects. Our work can vary from small plastering of walls to a completely new look on a whole building. The plastering of a building is extremely important in the structure and general upkeep of the building. Quality plastering work is capable of modifying the overall look of any interior.

Plastering jobs are now even more complicated than you think. Whether you have a small or large job, we recommend having one of our experienced plasterers doing the job. Our professionals know how to enhance any property to look its best, using the best possible materials, along with using their experiences to their advantage to offer the best possible finish.

Benefits of choosing one of our plasterers – even for those small jobs

If you require a little updating in your rooms, or fancy a whole new look, our plasterers can help you out. The first benefit of having a plasterer is that of quality. Little, quality details in your home can enhance your home’s value drastically. Adding value to your home, without exceeding any budget you have. Another benefit is that of the ‘art of plastering’. Our skilled plasters can customise your plaster to any size, shape, style or colour, according to your personal requirements and needs. This is why we are known to have such high-quality projects and customer services, as we listen to all of our customers individual needs and preferences. Plastering any home can make it appear of a higher quality and aesthetic. The experience and expertise of our staff can impact the look of any final product, which is why you should hire us – even for small plastering jobs.

We pride ourselves in our reputation of having high-quality finishes on all of our projects, and our excellent customer services. This is why we take on any plastering job, whether that be large or small, to upkeep our quality work and reputation. Once you hire us, you can be rest assured that you are getting Barnstaple’s best plasterers on the job. Since we have looked through so many benefits of using us for your plastering job, why don’t you get in touch with us today and submit any queries or enquires you have towards plastering jobs. Call us, or alternatively, look around our website, our ‘reviews’ page and our ‘plastering’ page can help you.

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