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The plastering and rendering of a building is crucial in the ­structure and general upkeep of any property. Whether you are building a new house completely or renovating an old one – it is crucial that you hire reliable and efficient people for the job. Here at JC Plastering and Lime, we pride ourselves in being the best possible plastering and rendering business in North Devon. We have built up an excellent reputation in North Devon for providing the best possible customer services and professionalism towards our work.

One reason to why we have built this quality reputation is due to our dedicated company values, which our team follows every day without fault.

Our company values include:

  1. Being punctual.
  2. Providing great quotes.
  3. Being honest and reliable.
  4. Exceeding expectations.
  5. Valuing each of our clients.
  6. Providing quality workmanship.
  7. Being friendly and helpful.

These values are shown and delivered to every client we have, so we offer the best possible experience, support and professionalism possible to each job we have.

So, what makes a good plastering and rendering business?

Nowadays, plastering and rendering services are in high demand, which makes a good serviceman hard to find. One of the main reasons of this is due to trade shortages from the pandemic, therefore, finding a good quality tradesperson is harder than ever – which is why you can trust us and our services with the plastering and rendering of your property, as we have excellent ratings and top-quality customer services.

When looking into hiring a good plasterer or renderer, you will most likely look at their previous work to assess the quality of their projects. All of our projects are on our website, under our ‘gallery’ tab – alternatively, click our ‘plastering’ or ‘rendering’ tab to see specific work on that job. But what do you have to look for when looking at this work?

  1. Walls – look out for rough patches or trowel marks. A good plasterer/renderer will almost certainly have done their best to get rid of any blemishes, but under certain lighting there still may be some there.
  2. Drylining – watch out for undulations in drylining, which will usually appear when boards have not been skimmed properly.
  3. Excessive cracking or crazing.
  4. Junctions – in the junctions of the ceiling and the walling, cracking may indicate that joints have not been taped properly.
  5. Before skimming commences – if there is any evidence of before the skimming process commences, look closely into the details as more often than not, plasterers and renderers rush into the process.

At JC Plastering and Lime, you can trust that all of these qualities are done correctly, and with our use of lime putty in our plastering and rendering projects, the building will look a lot more professional and last a lot longer than traditional plastering methods! For more information on our lime plastering and rendering methods, check out our ‘services’ or other blog posts. Alternatively, get in touch with us today!

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